Over 20 years experience in the business of athletics. 
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At National Athletics Consulting we offer a variety of consulting and advisory services related to the administration and management of sports/athletics, including:  
        • Athletic programs budget analysis
        • Complete program review and evaluation
        • Strategic long-term planning
        • New projects and special programs
        • Physical Education Teaching
        • Sport Coaching Education Programs
        • International Sport Education (Malaysia, China and Dubai)
        • Revenue generation and corporate sponsorships
        • Benchmarking vs. conference and national peers
        • Title IX and gender equity
        • NCAA rules and athletic compliance
        • EADA and other regulatory reports
        • Organizational structures and optimal athletic staffing
        • Interim AD and staffing services during transitions
        • Alumni and community relations
        • Mission and vision clarity
        • Diversity and inclusion assistance
        • Academic progress, retention and graduation rates
        • Athletic consultant services to help you reach your specific goals
        • Public speaking services
        • Athletic facilities planning
Contact Information

Joe Harlan, President

Although we are based out of Los Angeles, CA (USA),
WE COME TO YOU to help you reach your goals.
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