Over 20 years experience in the business of athletics. 
Let us help you with you with your goals.

At National Athletics Consulting we offer a variety of consulting and advisory services related to the administration and management of sports/athletics and education, including:  
        • Complete program review and evaluation
        • Strategic long-term planning
        • Physical Education and sports teaching
        • Sport coaching education programs
        • Teaching programs
        • Fitness, strength and conditioning programs
        • International sport education (Malaysia and Thailand now, China soon)
        • Public speaking services
        • New projects and special programs
        • Athletic programs budget analysis
        • Revenue generation and corporate sponsorships
        • Benchmarking vs. conference and national peers
        • Title IX and gender equity
        • NCAA rules and athletic compliance
        • EADA and other regulatory reports
        • Organizational structures and optimal athletic staffing
        • Interim AD and staffing services during transitions
        • Alumni and community relations
        • Mission and vision clarity
        • Diversity and inclusion assistance
        • Academic progress, retention and graduation rates
        • Athletic consultant services to help you reach your specific goals
Contact Information

Joe Harlan, President

Although we are based out of Los Angeles, CA (USA),
WE COME TO YOU to help you reach your goals.
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